Microbiota: the health of your skin

MIcrobiota: la salud de tu piel

The skin is a beautiful and complex ecosystem inhabited by microorganisms. The whole ecological community of bacteria is called a microbiota (or microbiome) and is the protective barrier of your epidermis.

It is estimated that in our body there are more than 100,000 billion bacteria. Most of them are in our intestines and in our skin, and they represent approximately 1.5 Kg of our weight. Each person’s skin carries a unique population of microbiota and microbial communities which vary among the different body parts. Salinity, fat and moisture of an armpit are not the same as those of our cheek and, therefore, the microbiota will be different.

Protective barrier

These microbes are essential for skin health and immunity and help to protect us from infections and problems that may affect our skin. Its role is essential to strengthen the skin barrier and make it difficult for other non-beneficial bacteria to take their rightful place. In addition, stress, aggressive cleaning and exfoliations, pollution, sun exposure and genes can cause the microbiota to become unbalanced. This leads to dryness, sensitive skin, stretch marks and even atopic dermatitis. Therefore, taking care of the microbiota increases the health of the skin and, therefore, its beauty.

The baby’s microbiota

The first thousand days of a baby are a crucial time for the skin microbiome and therefore to develop the adequate immunity. Different studies explain the multiple advantages for a baby and a child to be exposed to certain microbes. For example to be able to develop a good immune system. In this sense, vaginal births would be preferable, since the baby benefits from the maternal microbiota when passing through the vagina. While in cesarean deliveries a different microbiota is acquired by their skin. This difference even reaches the composition of the baby’s intestinal microbiome, which is different among newborns by caesarean section and vaginal delivery.

Microbiota in pregnancy

During pregnancy we often feel our skin itchy, more sensitive or irritated. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the microbiome, as its in perfect condition helps to reduce inflammation and itching.

Me and Me takes care of your microbiota

The latest research in this field affirms that prebiotics and probiotics would help in different ways to balance the microbiota. Specifically, prebiotics selectively stimulate the growth and activity of the beneficial bacteria in the microbiological community. Therefore, all Me and Me products include prebiotics in their formulas. In this way, they not only help you to take care of your skin during pregnancy and lactation, but also contribute to the balance of the microbiome and, therefore, to the health and beauty of your skin.

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