Conscious motherhood during the baby’s first 1000 days

A conscious motherhood during the first 1000 days will help us to raise our children healthier at  the stage when they need it most. In this period that goes from the conception  to the age of two and a half years of the baby, there are many factors that can positively or negatively affect the development of this human being.

During this time, one of the most important aspects, although not the only one, is nutrition. During pregnancy, it is the mother’s nutrition that regulates what comes to the fetus, and later, it will be the nutritional habits of that baby and those carried out by the family that will influence the development of those first 1000 days. There exist many books and works on maternity and nutrition, and projects worldwide that could lead to transformative results in areas of high malnutrition, which include not insignificant figures, as the delay in growth due to these factors affects more than 150 million children Worldwide.

But I would like to dig deeper and take this topic to the day by day of our reality. For a conscious motherhood in the first 1000 days, maintaining a balanced nutrition is not the only key factor , but also being aware of responsible consumption of what we eat, what we use and the way we use the environment. Even before we get pregnant.

Pre conception

Before we get pregnant we should adopt certain habits that will even influence the success of a possible pregnancy:

Have a healthy life including physical activity.
Do not consume alcohol or tobacco.
Check on diabetes and hypertension.
Prevention and control of infectious diseases.
A good immune system.
A suitable weight.
A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, protein, low in sugars and saturated fats.
Folic acid supplements and other nutrients that will help the baby’s future development


You and your baby share placenta but forget about  saying “I am eating for two” from the first moment, the energy increase during pregnancy is only 10% (about 200 kcal a day): the equivalent of a slice of cereal bread and an apple, only! Take special care of these nutrients: iron, iodine, calcium, zinc and magnesium. Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E and Omega 3. All this will help you reduce the risk of anemia, premature birth, low weight of the baby, risk of abortion and preeclampsia. In addition, this will help the good development of the bones, eyesight and brain of the baby. Avoid  precooked foods (they usually contain artificial flavors, food colorings and emulsifiers, many of them are considered endocrine disruptors). Do not “feed” your skin with cosmetics with endocrine disruptors. Many of them can cross the placental barrier and reach the liver of the fetus.
Limit caffeine intake.
Eliminate alcohol and nicotine.
Avoid being a passive smoker.


Breastfeeding is the best and first option for baby nutrition. Furthermore, exclusive breastfeeding is recommended at least until the first 6 months of life. The composition of breast milk prevents intakes of not recommended elements, helps to develop a good immune system and protects you from respiratory and gastrointestinal infections, gives you optimal development at the neuronal level, and reduces the risk of obesity and diabetes.

In this period, the bond that is being built between mother and baby is also very important. We recommend to encourage it by skin-to-skin child-raising. The mother’s diet is very important for the quality of her breast milk. So I recommend you continue following the indications of the pregnancy period. Avoid “feeding” your skin with cosmetics containing endocrine disruptors. Many of them reach breast milk. Hand hygiene is very important and the mother should not suck the baby’s utensils (pacifiers, spoons, etc.).

From 6 to 24 months

It would be ideal not to add complementary food to breastfeeding until the 17th week (5th month) and it should not be later than 26 weeks (7 months). Spoon feeding is very important for proper development. Meanwhile, breastfeeding can be continued as long as the mother can and wants to.

Recommended foods:

Vegetable purees (as organic as possible) with meat or fish.

Homemade fruit and cereal porridge and cereal porridge.

Avoid nutrient-poor foods that contain excess of sugar, fat, or salt.


Awareness to build healthier societies

All of these suggestions for conscious motherhood during the first 1000 days are endorsed by many international health organizations and experts. If we raise healthier children, our societies will be healthier. A crucial and very important issue that all parents in the world should take into consideration, because it not only leads us towards a more preventive and less expensive medicine: it rises children who will mark the history of a more just and balanced world.

Conscious motherhood: always

Healthy eating and more conscious lifestyle habits should not end after the first 1000 days. I encourage you, while reading this article to rethink your own habits or of your family and try to modify them. We are so many mothers willing to improve, but the more we are, the easier it will be for this behavior to be the normal and not the one we are used to. And never forget the importance of the first 1000 days that will be key factor for the correct development of your children.

Me and Me: conscious cosmetics

Me and Me has been created from consciousness and is more than a brand of cosmetic for motherhood. Its goal is to consciously improve the future of our children, the present of mothers and the world that we will leave to our children and that they will continue to build.

Will you join me?

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