Skin care during pregnancy

Being pregnant involves many changes in your life and in your body. Caring for your skin during pregnancy should be as important as caring for  your diet or your general physical condition. Remember that the skin is the largest organ of our body and gives everything to welcome your baby. Worth paying attention to it, right?

Being pregnant is probably one of the most wonderful, astonishing and extraordinary times of your life. It is really a blessing. However, it also entails some inconvenience such as the need to give up certain foods, high intensity activities and probably manage a mood in continuous contradiction. Furthermore, during pregnancy, the skin undergoes many changes, the chest increases in volume and the abdomen grows more than 70 cm. If we want it to recover in the best conditions we must take care and pamper ourselves in the best way. Above all, we must be especially aware that the creams we use to care for it are completely safe, since certain substances could reach the fetus through the placenta (endocrine disruptors).

I’ll give you 7 tips to take care of your skin during pregnancy:

Clean skin, always

You are maybe one of the few lucky ones who have radiant, nourished, hydrated and better skin than ever. But we usually get pimples, itching, redness and have a very sensitized skin. It is therefore essential to clean the skin accurately and make sure every night that no traces of makeup, or traces of the polluting substances that we have to breathe every day remain stuck to our skin. Use a product that protects your microbiota well, light and with a good formulation.

Be meticulous with sun protection

A side effect of pregnancy is sensitivity to the sun. You can get a sunburn much more easily, so  I advise you to use sunscreens with physical filters, in addition to a good umbrella or even a beautiful “pamela” hat. You don’t have to worry, as that the doses of vitamin D do not need to get it on your face, sunbathe on the legs and make sure that your diet also contains this vitamin.

Avoid non-recommended ingredients such as endocrine disruptors

We know that during pregnancy we should avoid raw fish and sausages that have not passed strict regulations. But it is less common for us to know what to avoid to  care for our skin. There are more than 10 chemical ingredients quite common in cosmetic products that should always be avoided but even more so in pregnancy. They are parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene, chemical sunscreens, dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and aluminum chloride. These substances are endocrine disruptors, this means that they can affect the normal functioning of your hormones. Remember that hormones are those that regulate many functions of our body, for example the fertility or growth of children. This is very important if we consider that these substances could reach the fetus through the placenta or the baby during breastfeeding.

Use specific products to care of your ski during pregnancy

Stretchmarks have a part of their origin in hereditary factors but another part does not. During pregnancy, stretch marks affect between 60% and 90% of pregnant women. Its appearance is mainly due to the breakage of elastic support fibers in our skin. Once they appear, it is very difficult to attenuate them. The common body parts they use to appear are the buttocks, thighs, hips and breasts and, punctually,  on the abdomen. Use daily specific products for stretch marks that contain ingredients that really work, such as our Bust firming balm and our Anti-stretchmarks firming cream that are already benchmarks in the treatment of stretchmarks during maternity


For many women, getting off the sofa and walking is enough exercise during pregnancy. You don’t have to be content with this, you have to strengthen the muscles, prepare your body and be fit. Impact sports are not advisable, but you can do countless exercises at least once so to be healthy, sleep better and have less back pain and sciatica.

Don’t exfoliate your skin too much

Now you are pregnant,  and your skin is much more sensitive and there are exfoliating substances that you cannot use during this stage. But the exfoliation is desirable to eliminate the dead cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin and a gentle exfoliation like that of our enzymatic peeling accelerates the natural phenomenon by stimulating cell regeneration and surface blood microcirculation. Your skin will be softer, more flexible and you can apply more effectively your anti-stretch, firming or anti-cellulite products.

Relax as soon as you can

It seems so obvious, but relaxation is so important for your skin as it is the best existing skin care. It is easier said than done, I know, but to dedicate a moment every week to a massage can work wonders to reducing skin itching or stress levels, this means it will help you have a prettier skin and be happier. In addition, we have taken into consideration neurocosmetics to help you, and therefore included natural orange blossom and bergamot aroma in all Me and Me products, since this aroma helps to decrease cortisol levels, the stress hormone.

If you fancy the experience of a Me and Me massage in the hands of professionals, ask us or look up for your nearest center here.


Do you think these tips are enough to take care of your skin? Do you know any more and want to share it with everyone? Go ahead, we would love to hear from you!

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