Me and Me has created a range of high-efficiency cosmetic solutions for women pregnant and recent moms.

A line of anti-stretch creams , balms, masks and scrubs , which responds to the specific needs of women at this vital stage, treating and preparing your skin for all the changes that you will live in this vital stage so important.

The goal is to prevent and mitigate stretch marks, cellulite and reaffirm the skin in a healthy, healthy way and promoting the well-being of women.

In addition, the cosmetic Me and Me , is especially suitable for the stage of pregnancy, as it contains ingredients that mitigate the stress of this pregnant age, a stress that can affect your baby.

It is important that you are as relaxed as possible. So our products not only bring you obvious results after the first applications, but also an emotional benefit.

The products are based on the most recent biotechnological research and the principles of neurocosmetics to include in our formulas ingredients which reduce the production of cortisol -the hormone responsible for stress- helping you avoid stress and feel better.

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