Tratamiento Integral de Piernas¿Qué crema antiestrías usar durante el embarazo?Bálsamo Antiestrías Reafirmante de Pecho
Pack de cremas Me and Me
Tratamiento Integral de Piernas
¿Qué crema antiestrías usar durante el embarazo?
Bálsamo Antiestrías Reafirmante de Pecho

Welcome Pack

116,50 106,00

Discover Me and Me creams

The Me and Me products are very efficient creams with natural ingredients and high quality, free of endocrine disruptors . The most effective and respectful skin care during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The ideal pack to enter the universe Me and Me .

Endocrine disrupting free cosmetics



Welcome to skin care with Me and Me. You will feel safe in our hands and above all very pampered. If you ask more from everyday cosmetics, why don’t you ask more from cosmetics during motherhood?

When you start with these products there is no turning back and you will feel comfortable in your skin.

Skin care at this stage of your life is not something superficial, it has a deeper and more intimate meaning. It’s about loving you, being calm, feeling good about yourself to enjoy it fully. Put yourself in our hands, let us help you enjoying your pregnancy and being a mom. But above all, let us help you be comfortable in your skin.

Full price 116.5€ pack 106€
Cremas con ingredientes ecológicos certificados
It does not contain:
  • Endocrine disrupting
  • Parabens
  • Petrochemicals
  • Synthetic perfumes
  • Substances liable to be harmful

Additional information


Complete Leg Treatment, 100 ml.
Firming anti-stretch cream, 150 ml.
Breast firming anti-stretch marks balm, 75 ml.


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