Limited edition gift box

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The gift of self-care and respect

The entire range of Me and Me products in a beautiful limited-edition gift box to give away this Christmas or just give it to you. The most effective and respectful skin care during pregnancy and lactation.

You know what you will do.

Endocrine disrupting free cosmetics.


Giving away the complete care of Me and Me has never been so easy. A deflated chest without cracks, a skin much more elastic and careful to avoid stretch marks and cellulite, thanks to the 360º action of our full range. The five products of Me and Me, now in a beautiful gift box and at a reduced price.

Only for a limited time!

  • Bust firming balm for stretch marks , 75 ml.
  • Anti-cellulite and firming concentrate, 150 ml.
  • Anti-stretch marks firming cream, 150 ml.
  • Ultra anti-stretch marks mask, 150 ml.
  • Enzymatic peeling, 75 ml.

Additional information


Strech marks firming bust balm, 75 ml.
Concentrado anticelulítico reafirmante, 150 ml.
Firming strech marks cream, 150 ml.
Strechs marks mask, 150 ml.
Enzymatic peeling, 75 ml.


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