Our history

Me and Me was born from the deep knowledge of the transformations and body needs of pregnant women and recent mothers after years of specialization in cosmetics dedicated to their treatment and care. Sonia Almela

Can you imagine a cosmetic that not only benefits your skin?

Me and Me are cosmetic solutions for the health of your skin and help it support the demands of pregnancy. To do this, they take a holistic approach, stimulating the body’s natural mechanisms to better adapt to the physiological and emotional changes experienced by pregnant women and new mums.

Can you imagine a cosmetic that not only benefits your skin?

This is Me and Me. Because  stress during pregnancy can affect your baby and it is important that you are as relaxed (balanced) as possible. So our products not only give you evident skin results after the first applications, but also an emotional benefit. Therefore, we have based the most recent biotechnological research and the principles of neurocosmetics to include in our formulas ingredients that reduce the production of cortisol – the hormone responsible for stress – helping you to avoid tension and feel better.

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Thinking of your baby

Your baby’s health is also very important to us, so the entire Me and Me range is safe and absolutely respectful for it.


Be at ease in your skin

The care of your skin in these moments of your life is not superficial, it has a deeper and more intimate meaning. It’s about having you in mind,  loving you, being calm, feeling good about yourself to enjoy it fully.

Put yourself in our hands, let us help you to enjoy your pregnancy and being a mother. But above all, let us help you to be at ease in your skin.

Me and Me
Me and Me

Eficacia para ti, respeto para tu bebé.

Cinco productos específicos que contribuyen a tu bienestar y al de tu hijo, ayudándote a vivir con plenitud esta etapa tan especial de tu vida.

Our Story


Life and career experience gave brand founder, Sonia Almela, insight into how mothers’ bodies work, and how important it is—to mother and baby—to take care of ourselves both physically and emotionally. Sonia is a chemist, cosmetologist and specialist in high-standard cosmetics. She is proud to introduce a line of highly effective cosmetics that guide the changes of women’s bodies to go through during pregnancy.


Why Me and Me?

Me and Me provides highly effective cosmetic solutions for pregnant women and moms who ask for more personal care.
Respectful solutions with their babies that help them enjoy their pregnancy.

Thinking about them and the well-being of their babies, the innovative formulations of Me and Me products not only effectively promote skin health, they also contain ingredients that reduce cortisol – the hormone responsible for stress – taking care of their emotional state.

In this way, Me and Me becomes the only specific brand for pregnant women with a holistic vision that sets treatments on biotechnological research and the principles of neurocosmetics, to achieve totally safe results for the baby and effective both in the skin treatment as in reducing the stress of pregnancy.



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My name is Sonia Almela, and I’m a pharmacist, cosmetologist and a mother. I have extensive experience in cosmetics for pregnancy. My life and career have given me great insight into how mums’ bodies work and I know how very important it is to take care of yourself at this time in your lives. Priorities do change, but you can’t forget about you and must care for yourself in a healthy, holistic way. This means your diet as well as in your life routines and, most of all, protecting not only your skin but also your emotional balance.

The Me and Me founders want to encourage you to find time for yourself every day, to pamper yourself, so that the daily gesture of putting on cream means so much more. That is why Me and Me for mums was born: five specific products to treat different skin requirements and to bring you serenity during and after your pregnancy.

Because, what I have learned through my experience is that by merely taking care of the outside, without paying attention your inside, just doesn’t work. That’s why we want to take care of all you wonderful women and to let you know that you will be wonderful mums too. All you have to do is to pay attention, listen and make time for yourself and your body, all without never neglecting for your baby.

Will you let me help you?