The first 1000 days

The basis of human being

Did you know that the first 1000 days of motherhood can mark the future of your baby?

This period is not only important for the baby’s physical development, but it will also form most of their future cognitive development.

Prevenir la episotomía en el parto

The baby’s brain is formed from a handful of microscopic cells, according to the Healthy Children association. That moment and those first thousand days – from conception to the first two years – will make a difference at all levels so that your baby has a healthy and happy development. Scientists call this moment: “the window of opportunities” as it is at this moment when their personality is forged and the basis of what will be tomorrow are set.

Thanks to the correct management of this period and the work through the emotional bond with the baby, an ideal basis for emotional, social and cognitive development can be established so to allow  to lead a satisfactory and full life. After these first years the brain will in fact develop, allowing learning, complex thinking and reasoning.

Me and Me: cosmética para los primeros 1.000 días de maternidad

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Me and Me

What areas of the baby does this phase affect?

Cremas Me and Me: cremas para los primeros 1.000 días de maternidad
Foto: Lola Melani

According to a UNICEF study, 40% of the baby’s mental abilities are formed during the first 1000 days thus marking their full potential.

The main areas affected in these first thousand days are:

  • Cognitive development: At this stage, basic concepts are related and recognized and thousands of neuronal connections are given. In the first years of life, the brain develops connections at speeds 500 times greater than those of an adult mind. Therefore, the baby’s brain is doubled and 40% of all their cognitive development is generated.
  • Motor development: The nervous system is arranged in a pre-established and clear sequence and the baby goes through different phases. In these early years we can observe a dizzying evolution: picking up objects, crawling or standing up will be some of the baby’s achievements.
  • Emotional and social development: In this period it is crucial to work properly on emotional relationships to allow a correct expression of emotions and feelings. With this, baby’s personality is shaped and future self-esteem and confidence is built through interactions with the environment.
  • Speech development: In the first two years the language is assimilated and decoded allowing the first relationships with the environment. Babbling is a key element in the initial stages of speech development. Around 9 months of age, babies begin to join sounds and incorporate different intonations. At 15 months they begin to imitate the words they hear, building the basis for longer conversations with adults in the following months.
  • Development of the endocrine system: Endocrine disruptors are chemical compounds that, even at very low concentrations, negatively affect the balance of hormonal or endocrine system. They are able to supplant our natural hormones and take their place or block their effect. The most sensitive period of a human being to receive the adverse effects of endocrine disruptors are from the conception of the baby until their the first 1000 days, since the brain of the new creature can activate and deactivate a thousand neuronal connections every second. Exposure to these elements in the uterus can cause effects on birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood or even old age.

Being aware of the importance of this period in the life of the baby, in Me and Me we sustain a conscious motherhood that supports the healthy and proper development of the baby

Not only feeding, care and early stimulation are essential, it is also necessary to take a special care to avoid or at least minimize the baby’s exposure to substances that may be detrimental to the development of their endocrine system.

Therefore, Me and Me products do not contain endocrine disruptor or components suspected of being so.

It is the first cosmetic brand in the world that accompanies you in the care of your skin throughout these first 1000 days of motherhood and protecting the health of your child, too.

Because what we do now, will have its echo in the future

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