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Which skincare product do I apply first? In the morning or afternoon? Where shall I apply it?

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Morning routine

Clean and dry skin

We know time is short in the morning, especially with children at home, but a couple of minutes after the shower are enough to establish a good morning routine.

Tip: our entire range is extremely moisturizing, save time by replacing your body milk in key areas with your Me and Me skincare products.

Which products?


Twice a week:

Night routine

Your skin works while you rest

During  pregnancy, the skin in some areas can stretch up to 75% and stretch marks are the most frequent consequence of all its efforts to welcome our baby. When you give birth, it again does an incredible job of getting back into its place.

That is not easy. This is why stretch marks and flaccidity are the main consequences that we must work on before and after childbirth, so we will apply the anti-stretch mark cream twice a day to reinforce its effect.

Tip: applying the products before going to sleep, with a relaxing massage, will  help you to rest, as our natural orange blossom and bergamot perfume have neurocosmetic effects, reducing the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Which products?

¿Cuando usar mis cremas de embarazo?

Me and Me skincare products: at any time

Always take care of the most delicate skin

The breast is one of the thinnest skin areas skin on the body and is very sensitive to changes in volume during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Tightness, pain, swelling and problems such as mastitis can appear at any time. But our Brest balm will come to the rescue at any time to moisturize, soothe the breast stretch marks and firming effect.

With the advantage that you don’t need to remove it before breastfeeding.

Use and abuse it as much as you like!

Do what you can, but do it!

Taking care of yourself is a commitment to yourself. That’s why our Me and Me weekly planner is a proposal to help you to know when it’s best to use your pregnancy creams and establish a routine in their application.

Adapt it freely to your possibilities and circumstances. Remember that constancy is key to enjoying the full benefits of our products.

The minutes you invest in taking care of yourself are time for you. And your skin will thank you for it.

Crema antiestrías para prevenir las estrías en el embarazo

Me and Me products: areas of application

Knowing the correct application areas of your Me and Me products is key to obtaining the maximum benefit from them. Not only is the constancy of use your ally, that’s why we give you the keys to identify the areas where each of our products will help you the most.

Bust firming balm for stretch marks

It not only helps to keep the fibers of the fine skin of the bust elastic and to generate new ones to avoid stretch marks and sagging, it also relieves and decongests the chest.

Use it preferably on the chest and neckline at least once a day during pregnancy and lactation to reduce swelling and tightness.

During lactation, apply it generously to the nipples, as it contains an ingredient that helps prevent the appearance of cracks.

Remember that you do not need to remove it before breastfeeding.

Anti-stretch marks firming cream

Very clear. To stop the appearance of stretch marks due to pregnancy, you should concentrate on the area where they appear the most: the abdomen, hips and flanks.

Ideally, finish the massage by extending it to the thighs and the lower back… they are two areas prone to stretch marks and also change in volume during pregnancy!

Include them in your prevention routine!

Anti-cellulite and firming concentrate

Unfortunately, cellulite loves to show itself… that’s why applying the concentrate will help you reduce it wherever you see it.

Of course, without being guesses, we already tell you where it will almost always wait for you until you start fighting it: in the buttocks, the thighs and maybe even the knees.

And don’t worry, our anti-cellulite does not contain caffeine, so, like the entire range, it is especially indicated for the first 1,000 days of maternity.

Then you can apply your daily anti-stretch mark cream as they are easily absorbed.

Complete legs treatment

There is not much mystery here: your key area will be the legs: ankles, knees and thighs.

Apply the treatment from bottom to top to activate the lymphatic system, microcirculation, reduce swelling and decrease fluid retention.

The relief is very fast and since we do not use menthol (not recommended during pregnancy and lactation), it will not give you that cold feeling of other creams.

Without a doubt, a product that you will want to use long after pregnancy and lactation.

Enzymatic peeling

This one yes. This is one of the Me and Me products that you can use all over your body.

The Me and Me scrub is a delicate mousse with an exfoliating effect so gentle that you can apply it to any area.

And why do we recommend it? Because, in addition to leaving your skin super soft and renewed, it allows the rest of the products to penetrate more easily by removing the superficial layer of dead cells.

Creams and treatments Me and Me

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