La ideadora de Me and Me: Sonia Almela
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Sonia Almela

When my son was born, my life changed completely and I decided to make a change in my career and focus on doing something that would truly enthusiasm me and worth to do. I wanted to be able to improve the lives of others by contributing with my grain of salt through cosmetics, a world that I knew perfectly …

After finishing my pharmacy studies at the University of Valencia, the René Descartes University in Paris and going through different multinationals in the dermocosmetic sector in New York and Paris, I began to develop a deeper image of how a woman’s skin works in all stages of her life and her real needs.

Going through the experience of pregnancy and motherhood led me to create a line specially designed to accompany the motherhood of women like me; conscious mothers who value what they use on their skin during pregnancy, breastfeeding and perhaps the rest of their lives.

Today, as the founder of Me and Me, I have the privilege of accompanying many women and their babies in their first 1000 days, which are key moment to both their biological and emotional development. Therefore, from honesty and respect for all their decisions as mothers, I will continue to evolve with them to offer them the best that biotechnology and cosmetics can give to their skin, in the most sustainable, respectful and effective way possible.

Because to value the skin during motherhood as it does Me an Me is to value our role as mothers and the lives of our children.

Sonia Almela

T: (+34) 93 245 77 07