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Your secret ritual

A small daily gesture that achieves great results. The Me and Me products and the dry brush are enhanced to achieve a smoother, more uniform and more elastic skin. Reduce cellulite on all fronts and increase your firmness.

Endocrine disrupting free cosmetics


Cremas Me and Me: Beauty ShortList 2021 - Best Cellulite Treatment


A fit skin is firm, elastic, illuminated, soft, strong, happy, beautiful and healthy skin.

We want skin that works to the max and is as fit and strong as possible. We must have a realistic and achievable goal so that you feel happy, your skin giving its best and your baby protected during its first 1000 days.

We are going to tackle the hot spots of pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding and until you decide to trust us for elasticity, firmness, toning and cellulite. A fit and cared for skin with specific products can face all the challenges that this period challenges us to, so take it seriously and be amazed at your own skin.

Me and Me anti-cellulite dry brush:

This ME AND ME brush combines rubber nodules with natural bristles, which when used, making large circular movements with moderate pressure in the areas we want to treat, we achieve exfoliation and stimulation of blood circulation and the lymphatic system.

Together with Anti-stretch marks firming cream it helps to elasticize the skin, keep it firm, avoid stretch marks and nourish the skin to give it the contribution it needs to be on top. Also combining it with
Anti-cellulite and firming concentrate
we reduce cellulite, we help to avoid storing fat that we do not use and we stimulate circulation, which is always very important when it comes to reducing cellulite and fluid retention.

As natural bristles are not very rigid, we achieve firmer skin without irritating it. Use it before you shower, and then use the anti-cellulite concentrate. At night use the Firming Anti-Stretch Mark Cream and if you want a good shock treatment, use the Firming Anti-Cellulite Concentrate and then the Firming Anti-Stretch Mark Cream.

Real price 102,50€, pack price 91€
It does not contain
  • Endocrine disrupting
  • Parabens
  • Petrochemicals
  • Synthetic perfumes
  • Substances liable to be harmful

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Pack Fit and Firm