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Three degrees of awareness that summarize our brand philosophy and our way of seeing the world

Cremas Me and Me: conscientes con la maternidad


Cremas Me and Me: conscientes con el cuidado de la piel


Cremas Me and Me: conscientes con el mundo


Cremas Me and Me: conscientes con la maternidad

Aware of motherhood

Los primeros 1.000 días de maternidad

We are the world’s first cosmetic brand focussed on the first 1000 days of motherhood. In this period, from conception to two years, the baby is especially vulnerable to any substance that may affect their development, such as endocrine disruptors that can reach the baby through you or by contact.

Therefore, our formulas rely on the most advanced technological innovation to extract the best of natural extracts and discard in our products any type of ingredient that could be harmful.

We deeply respect the life and body of the one who gives that life that is you. Taking care of yourself with awareness and commitment  also means taking care of your baby, with the assurance that we are going to protect their first thousand days of life. Because your baby’s development today is your baby’s future tomorrow.

Cremas Me and Me: conscientes con el cuidado de la piel

Aware of taking care through skin care

Motherhood starts a series of deep changes in our organism and in our mind. To manage and take care of a new life implies extra responsibility. This is the reason why we need specific products for pregnancy.

The skin, the largest organ in the body, adapts to the transformations of pregnancy and extends to accommodate your baby. This can cause the appearance of stretch marks, sagging, cellulite and other consequences directly related to pregnancy. We not only treat these special conditions effectively, but we do it respecting the skin’s micro biome. For this reason all our products are formulated with prebiotics, to protect and preserve the natural ecology of the epidermis.

On the other hand, hormonal changes also make it a complicated time on the emotional side, especially after childbirth. Therefore, we introduce neurocosmetic ingredients that support a better mood through the aroma of the entire Me and Me range.

How? It’s not magic, it’s science

Our subtle non-synthetic aroma of bergamot and orange blossom carries particles that, detected by the benzodiazepine receptors of the nose, provoke a response that helps reduce cortical, which is the hormone that produces stress.

Not suitable for you, not suitable for your baby.

The European Endocrinology Society already warns of the threat of endocrine disruptors in our health and the environment. Therefore, the D.E. recognized and those who are suspected of being so are out of our formulas and we place special emphasis on the first 1000 days of motherhood, when the baby is most vulnerable to them.

Cremas Me and Me: conscientes con el mundo

Aware with the world

Every Mother Counts
In Me and Me we have a real commitment to society and to the future of our children. Therefore, with your help, we donate a percentage of our sales to different associations related to women and children.
Cremas Me and Me: involucradas con la lucha contra el cáncer de mama

Since the beginning, we have collaborated with the Spanish Association Against Cancer to fight against breast cancer by donating a percentage of the benefits of our Firming Anti-Stretch Chest Balm.

Cremas Me and Me: involucradas con Every Mother Counts

We have begun to collaborate with the international association Every Mother Counts that works to guarantee the care in the pregnancy and appropriate childbirth to women from all over the world who cannot afford it. For them, we donate a percentage of your purchases of each Firming Anti-Stretch Cream.

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